It Armenian beauty’s definition is the most my favorite terms and <a href=""></a> conditions–“charming!

I hate to-break they for your requirements, however, Kim, Kourtney, and you may Khloe are not Armenian names. However, that is towards breadth of all Americans’ expertise in the topic. Why don’t we alter one to, should we? We have had 20 high Armenian brands to share with you today–all of them was similarly hitting on the an Armenian-Western (or people!) infant.

Arda– Arda are a Hebrew-Armenian unisex term, even in the event, while planning to make use of it into a western child, it would be top towards the a girl

Aghavni– Callum, Paloma, Jemima–include Aghavni into directory of names meaning “dove.” This pleasant Armenian label fits its silent harbinger definition. Aghavni however symbolizes a peaceful spirit.

Anahid– Anahid is inspired by the new Persian mythological identity Anahita–brand new deity out-of fertility, recovery, understanding, and you can drinking water. Anahid is normally used in West Armenia, if you find yourself Anahit is more well-known into the Eastern Armenia. Both are very common in their preferred nations.

Anoush– Anoush try a very charming name it means nice. Towards the comparable-group of Anouk wearing like one of liking-manufacturers and you may trendsetters, Anoush (otherwise the woman alternate spelling Anush) appears to be a high-notch choice.