3. Dating profile search through the tools available on the internet

One of the easiest ways to find out if someone is on dating sites or apps is to use the tools available on the internet, specifically dedicated to that purpose.

– Worldwide (requires payment) – Worldwide (free/doesn’t require payment) – Most countries in the world (require payment) (Tinder only) – Worldwide (requires payment)

By using these tools (Prefered SocialCatfish as its more accurate), most of which are free, you can find dating profiles by email, or you can find dating profiles by phone number, that of course, besides name with/without last name, nickname.

Now using these takes time, some even money, but since you’re not satisfied enough with the ‘genuine conversation’ I guess you’ll take it.

I recommendUsersearch is free (though it has options for which you have to pay), and shows you most of the results you’re looking for. It has got options for which you want to search plenty of dating sites at once (example: Username Search Dating Sites, Search Email, Social Networks, etc).It is one of the ways to find out if someone has a dating profile for free, and I thought of sharing my thoughts on it with you.This is not sponsored by usersearch, I am sharing this through personal experience.

4. Using your dating profile if you have one/opening a dating profile if you don’t have one

Another way to check if someone is on dating sites is by using a dating profile on dating apps or sites.

If you’ve got a dating profile, and you’re wanting to see if your partner or whoever that ‘someone’ is that you’re looking for, has a dating profile too, then you’ve got to set the preferences.

– Most dating apps/sites show you people based on your preferences, but they also show you to other people based on their preferences. To put it simply, if you match each other’s preferences, your profiles will appear on each other’s feeds.