Living of your own average married girl regarding the 1950s and you may 60s are different out-of that of today’s woman

from the Ellen Castelow

It was age respectability and you can compliance. Not too many girls worked immediately following getting married; it stayed in the home to raise the youngsters and keep household. The guy was noticed your mind of one’s household in most things; mortgage loans, legal files, bank account. Just the members of the family allocation was reduced right to mom. Should a lady get a hold of herself within the a good loveless otherwise violent wedding, she was trapped; she had no currency of her own and no profession.

It was still uncommon for women to see school, particularly working class female. Most leftover school and ran directly into work up to it mar schools – wishing female because of it lifestyle: instruction received in cookery, house government, darning, stitching and even how-to iron a keen clothing securely.