Meaningful relationships and hook-ups happen everywhere – just be upfront about what you want

“I matched with a black Canadian guy on Tinder, and a friend told me he was nice. I got super drunk one day, and he invited me to a bar, so I went… but it was a massive white guy. Like twice as big as his chair massive,” says Vicky, who added that she didn’t say anything, finished her drink and left. “I like dating apps, I still use them and met some of my best friends on there, but I always expect drama.

Dating apps are often believed to contribute to a ‘hook-up culture,’ where users are not serious and only looking for some fun. This perception is twofold though.

“We aren’t dating; we just meet up. And it’s been awesome. He is very experimental and always showing me new things to try – I dig it”

Firstly, where both parties consent and seek out this behavior, apps allow them the opportunity to find like-minded individuals.