Brand new fruit juice off apples, lemons and you may limes try next made available to mariners and travelers in order to end demise regarding scurvy

Throughout the later 18th century, Captain Cook although some had discovered that too little supplement C was the cause of scurvy.

H2o stored in wood drums carry out getting most stale after good few months. Rats and you may rats manage end up in the fresh unlock drums and you will block, and you can alga do grow regarding drums and come up with somebody violently ill. The link anywhere between cholera and you will polluted water was not discover up to 1848, however, even after this, boats continued to attract liquid out-of contaminated streams in slots you to definitely it went along to.

To pass through new sailors and you may people, areas were stored in brand new hold and exposed as needed by the the latest chefs. Stores particularly pickled chicken (pork otherwise meats during the brine) flour, glucose and you may dried pulses (peas) had been continued panel inside the solid wood barrels. Such drums were always suitable that have lids, but was indeed tend to left discover at once. The businesses would-be raided of the starving mice and you may rats, leaving contours from their nocturnal check outs, as well as the grain and flour stores were have a tendency to infested with weevils. Adulterated sustenance and water brought about infection for example dysentery to get commonplace, resulting in many deaths to the certain voyages.

Vinegar and you will chloride regarding orange were utilized to wash the newest wooden floors and you may porches of your own ships, due to the fact water was booked to have drinking and you may cooking. Clean which have white vinegar aided steer clear of the spread out of condition and made this new motorboat smell top. In addition it removed the latest vomit men and women enduring sea-illness or other sickness.