About Us

We provides a wide spectrum of total solutions in the supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of marine navigation and communication equipment for commercial, off-shore, research and fishing vessels, as well as in naval applications. Our advanced Information Technology solutions are incorporated into a ship’s bridge as an operation centre and can provide safe & efficient voyages for its crew.

We supplies and provides after-sales service support for a wide array of IMO / SOLAS certified marine electronics equipment such as Radar, ECDIS, VDR, Sonar, Echo Sounder, DGPS, Gyro Compass, Auto Pilot, AIS, SART, GMDSS, and VHF / UHF satellite communication systems imported directly from the world’s best time tested manufacturers located in USA, Germany, UK, Norway, Netherlands and Japan.

Over the years, the company has supplied complete bridge electronic systems for new ship building projects on a turnkey basis complying with IMO, Solas, GMDSS regulations and in accordance with class requirements such as ABS, LLoyds, DNV, NKK and other state flags.

We supplies equipment to work boats, tug boats, cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, multi-purpose supply vessels, research vessels, fishing vessels and many more.

Our Radio Marine Electronics Warehouse and Service Centre has highly trained technical staff who focus on delivering industry leading after-sales support including warranty & post warranty services.

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